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Mike ‘Bernie’ Bern is an accident prone, imperfect copy of a deceased war hero just trying to get through his shift as a custodian on Albatross Station. Granted the station is a bit of a backwater but that’s about to change.

When a visiting alien museum curator mistakes Bernie for a welcoming peer, he is thrown into the role of tour guide. Bernie reluctantly finds himself caught up in plots involving nefarious Earth Culture extremists, brawling gangs of physicists, greedy station officials and mysterious galactic powers. At the center of them all is the Curator’s prize; the World’s Largest Ball of String.
Bernie’s attempt at heroics lands him adrift in space desperately trying to harness his unwanted talent for the improbable so he can rescue the Curator, save himself and prevent the station’s destruction.

String Theory is a humorous Science Fiction romp appealing to lovers of Science Fiction looking for something fun and engaging. Readers of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, or Barry Hutchinson will enjoy this first of the Albatross Station adventures.





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The Albert Ross Memorial station is located in the Gleason system named after Juan Gleason the first human to arrive in the system via the Oogan’natali space gate system. Unfortunately, he was unable to activate the gate from his side for the return trip and died of starvation after allegedly eating his copilot.

The Gleason system sits on the edge of an exceptionally gaseous part of the galaxy known as the Nadir Morrass. Cobbled together from surplus parts the station attracts people with nowhere else to go, or dared to be recognized: the unlucky, agitators, scammers, smugglers, and salespersons of secondhand genomes.


Locals call the place Albatross station due to its namesake's history of attracting disasters to himself. The outpost certianly seems to be unlucky.

To learn more about the places and people of the Albatross Station universe visit the Station Files.


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Peter Charron lives in Western New York with his wife and a few Maine Coon Cats. He is intrigued by the anomalous and enjoys rummaging through boxes in the dusty attic of Anthropology, History, Mythology and Technology for inspiration.

He is a writer of novels, short fiction and RPG gaming supplements. Always a fan of the absurd, Peter’s work is filled with familiar tropes turned on their heads for the entertainment of the reader.

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